U.S. – Japan Cross Border Financial Planning

When your citizenship, residency, family, and assets involve both the U.S. and Japan, we comprehensively assess your financial position and goals, examining both U.S. and Japanese perspectives.  Our clients include Japanese citizens working and living in the U.S. with children who are U.S. citizens.  Some clients used to live in the U.S. but subsequently returned to Japan and still have assets and family members in the U.S.  Your financial plan addresses dual country issues, which include:

  • Japanese pension
  • Coordination of your pensions and assets in both countries
  • Generational asset transfer strategy or estate planning when you and your children may or may not be subject to the rules and laws of both the U.S. and Japan.
  • Managing investments in your U.S. accounts when you decide to return to Japan (i.e., when you become non-U.S. resident).
  • Reviewing and comparing Japanese and U.S. life insurance policies.

For your tax planning and generational asset transfer strategy or estate planning, we work closely with your tax advisor and estate attorney.

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